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Somavedic and BrainTap pilot study on the improvements of sleep, mood, and heart-rate variability

The six-week study featured 20 participants, aged 34-65, who underwent two daily BrainTap sessions, utilizing a BrainTap headset while in close proximity to a Somavedicâ„¢ device. Results of the study found

  • 100% of participants experienced deeper, more restful sleep
  • 90% noted a boost in happiness and overall disposition
  • Statistically significant decrease in stress and depression scores
  • Statistically significant increase in mood

In order to evaluate the results and effectiveness, the following assessments were distributed: Pittsburgh Quality of Sleep Index, The Profile of Mood States (POMS) questionnaire, and The Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scale (DASS-21).

The study underscores the importance of understanding how the brain functions during sleep and how Somavedic can have a broad impact on various health issues that stem from stress and lack of sleep.

Dartsch Scientific study on the effect of Somavedic on cellular regeneration

The study conducted by Dartsch Scientific GmbH and published in the Journal of Biomedical Science and Research indicated how Somavedic Amber can reduce the cellular effects of mobile phone radiation.

In the study, the cell regeneration/wound healing of connective tissue fibroblasts and the activity of functional neutrophils as the first defense of the innate immune system against invading microbial pathogens was significantly decreased by mobile phone radiation. The use of Somavedic Amber was able to attenuate these unwanted effects. Based on the results of both tests, using Somavedic Amber can be recommended to reduce the impact of mobile phone radiation.

International Association for Electrosmog Research (IGEF) study indicating improvement of sedimentation using blood analysis

The study featured 5 female breast-cancer survivors, aged 45-52, who underwent four 90-minute daily Somavedic sessions. During the course of the study each patient has had their blood taken before and after the session with Somavedic and also underwent an analysis of microscopy of the dark field.

All patients during the initial examination showed sedimentation of erythrocytes of different stages and malfunction of regulation. After the therapy of the Somavedic device, each patient showed a significant improvement in sedimentation.

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