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Why We Do What We Do?
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Somavedic is a rest & recovery frequency therapy device helping with sleep and cellular regeneration. It is fast becoming one of the premium frequency therapy business providers in the Health & Wellness industry!

Juraj Kočar
Juraj Kocar, CEO
Ivan Rybjanský
Ivan Rybjansky, founder

“We are on a mission to redefine how people and businesses think about their well-being and provide solutions that support them on their wellness journey. Because we care.”

~ Juraj Kocar, CEO
About Somavedic
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Success Track Record
Since 2011

Somavedic devices are known worldwide for their EMF mitigation effects, improved sleep, and regeneration benefits. Inspiring people to be a part of something that generates a sense of comfort and support.

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Somavedic devices sold


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We stand by every product we build with proven scientific data.

Read the full article in Boutique Hotelier’s latest issue where Somavedic takes center stage.

The Origins Of Somavedic

Ivan Rybjansky a scientist and mathematician, after his health struggles and years of studies, found a way to reinforce the energy of gemstones in certain constellations to create a coherent space for the regeneration of the body and spirit.

Inspired to find a cure for his debilitating health issues with lupus and pancreatic illness, he applied his experiences and knowledge to inventing the Somavedic.

This is how the very first Somavedic was assembled on 1st April 2011.

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