Actively Harmonized Space

Actively Harmonized Space

A premium recovery wellness technology program for hotels, resorts, retreats, spas, clinics, and wellness centers.

Designed to provide your guests with pioneering wellness services of EMF detox, better sleep, and energy recovery so they leave your facility feeling fresh and new.
All by using the benefits of frequency therapy.

Somavedic Amber in Spa

A New Approach To Wellness

Somavedic uses its proprietary technology to create a harmonious frequency field that facilitates the regeneration of cells, energy restoration, and healing.

Thanks to this always-on rest and recovery frequency therapy solution, your guests and customers will be able to replenish their energy reserves faster and experience rest and recovery that no longer requires a therapist’s time.

Benefits of Recovery Wellness Technology

Sleep-enhancing technology

Market forecasts indicate a demand for sleep devices and an increase in sleep technology patients taking the global market to $32 billion by 2026, up from $11 billion in 2019. (McKinsey Jun 21, 2021).

EMF* effect mitigation

Repeated studies show oxidative stress and DNA damage caused by electromagnetic frequencies. (Environmental Research, Volume 164, July 2018, Pages 405-416).

*Somavedic supports the body and helps bring it back into equilibrium from the adverse effects of electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs)

Yoga with Somavedic Vedic

Amplifying Guest Experience

Your guests will benefit in various ways when Somavedic is installed on your premises. Its coherent field helps to:

  • Reinforce cellular recovery
  • Lower free radical levels
  • Improve the quality and quantity of sleep
  • Induces feelings of calmness and peace 

Let your guests have the best rest and recovery experience.

Somavedic Amber in a hotel

How Somavedic Works

The radius of its coherent field is 100 feet (30m) in all directions.

Somavedic field provides 360-degree harmonization.

The natural supportive field penetrates through walls and floors.

How Somavedic works

Experience Wellness. Anytime. Anywhere.

Somavedic is an innovative wellness-tech brand rooted in science. Each Somavedic contains a unique blend of precious and semi-precious stones, energy amplifiers, and our unique frequency therapy technology.

This combination of the ancient approach to wellness with modern technology is why the users are able to replenish their energy reserves and experience rest and recovery that no longer require a therapist’s time.

New Revenue Stream

New Revenue


Deeper sleep & regeneration

Promote deeper sleep and regeneration to help your guests relax and recover after a long day of travel.


Oxidative stress reduction (Anti-aging)

Offer your guests a unique amenity that will reduce oxidative stress and lower their free radicals level for an anti-aging effect.

Improved HRV

Improved HRV variability

Customers measuring their sleep scores and HRV with Oura rings and other body-data measurement devices will often see a difference in their data.

Financial model #1

Somavedic Gold


  • Somavedic Gold value: $5600
  • Quantity discount: 30%
  • Partner price: $3920**


Extra room charge

ROI in 98 days


Extra room charge

ROI in 49 days

Financial model #2

Somavedic Amber


  • Somavedic Amber value: $2420
  • Quantity discount: 30%
  • Partner price: $1694*


Extra room charge

85 days ROI


Extra room charge

42 days ROI

*serves only as an example how much to charge per night or a session
**including custom logo on top of the Somavedic

A Unique Business Opportunity

We would like to offer you a distinct advantage in providing frequency therapy products and solutions to your guest and clients.

With Somavedic, you will be uniquely and competitively positioned to positively impact the bottom lines of the Health & Wellness sector and earn a significant income while doing so.

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