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Benefits of Comfort, Enhanced Sleep and Regeneration

Instead of selling your guests a standalone product, you can fulfill their needs by offering them a better sleep experience and energy regeneration with rest & recovery frequency therapy technology by Somavedic for an extra charge.

Actively Harmonized Space
Actively Harmonized Space

New Revenue Stream

New Revenue


Deeper sleep & regeneration

Enhance your employees’ or customers’ well-being with Somavedic! Promote deeper sleep and regeneration for increased productivity and focus.

Oxidative stress reduction (Anti-aging)

Reduce oxidative stress and promote anti-aging with Somavedic – the perfect addition to your (workplace) wellness program.
Improved HRV

Improved HRV variability

Boost your team’s HRV variability and reduce stress with Somavedic. A game-changer for customer/employee health and performance.
Fit Summit
“Actively Harmonized Space by Somavedic is a breakthrough experience that can be easily and quickly deployed in any wellness or health property to add incredible value to guests, members and customers. Many of our clients use it and their feedback has been fantastic.”
Ross Campbell, Founder & CEO, FIT Summit

Premium Model

Somavedic Amber

If your guests need a personalized recovery programs from EMFs, Amber is the go-to model. It is the uncompromising solution for highly concentrated living areas like urban environments.

  • Sleep enhancement and EMF detox
  • 100% water harmonization/structuring
  • Creates a more coherent, natural environment
  • Activates self-healing process in the body and mind

Suitable for: clinics, hospitals, hotels, health & wellness centers.

Custom Made

Somavedic Gold

A unique, luxury model from the Somavedic product line. It is custom made for the individual customer, plated with 24-carat gold and certified. It is 2x stronger than the Amber model.

  • Neutralization of EMF radiation and free radicals;
  • Elimination of the geopathic and psychosomatic zones;
  • Influences the structure, characteristics, memory, Redox potential, and energy of water.
  • Precious stones are strengthened by their connection to the precious metals and Tesla coil.

Suitable for: clinics, hospitals, hotels, health & wellness centers

What Are Somavedic Users Experiencing

Improved sleep

More Energy During The Day

Better concentration and focus

Improved hydration

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